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👋 Hey! My name is Wojciech Gawroński, but others call me AWS Maniac.

My goal is to safely guide you through the cloudy and foggy space of the AWS portfolio.

Why do I need your email?

TL;DR: it is the best way to cooperate and talk with people who want to act.

More precisely:

If you have read the first page of this blog (start here), you know that I want to help you with the Amazon Web Services madness. So, in other words, to understand services, avoid complexity and high costs, and effectively leverage the full power of cloud computing.

To do that, I need to have a fast, intimate, and simple way of contact with you - to share new, useful, and insightful content.

I understand that you are a busy person. There are plenty of things you can do daily, starting with a nice walk, listening to music, or spending time with your friends, family, etc. I get it - I hate it too when some waste my time. So the communication must be quick and straightforward.

We could go through social media like Twitter, Instagram, or anything else, but those platforms have one significant drawback - those companies earn money from ads. And I get it, no hard feelings - but as an effect, my posts are not always visible to you. As a consumer, I love to have a choice. However, those platforms are choosing for me. They are deciding what do you see, and as an effect, I will lose access to you.

That happened so many times. Facebook and YouTube are doing this regularly for my posts and videos. What is stopping others from doing the same thing?

If you are trying to work around that, it loses the notion of simple contact. I love to produce content for you, and the last thing that I should do is think about how to outsmart social media platforms.

Email does not have that issue. I can write to you, you can reply. You can unsubscribe right away if you are overloaded by a pile of messages or just to skip that email. You have a choice.

My responsibility is to take care of your data, and I am doing that very diligently - you can read about it here. However, I totally understand that you are hesitant to leave your email to a stranger. But hey, no strings attached - you can unsubscribe, but I will provide the content as proof that it is worth it.

From time to time, I will present to you my paid products - remote workshop, online course, an eBook - everything full of my experience, my sweat, and sprinkled with my passion for that topic. However, you have trusted me and provided an email, that is why I will treat you like a special person - you will know about it as a first, and you will get the discount.

However, I will not force you anything.

Are you still here? Woah, you need a reward!

First, things first: privacy policy. I have posted a link above and below - but I will not force you to read it, as it is super-boring. 😉

Instead, go for two things: click a link right next to it and go check Gatsby and AWS Amplify. Both tools (frameworks?) are great, excellent, and allowed me to spin up and effortlessly maintain this place. Documentation for both is superb, and you can learn valuable things just from that - e.g., GraphQL.

Interested? Now, like the AWS says: GO BUILD. What? Your blog and work out loud. Documenting your experiences is the best way to learn, plus it builds powerful and useful content automatically.

If you have any questions, drop me an email at aws-maniac [at] pattern-match.com or @afronski / @afronsky on social media.


P.S. I am practicing inbox zero, so it means that I review all my emails. Do not you believe me? I dare you to send me one.

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👋 Hey! My name is Wojciech Gawroński, but some people call me AWS Maniac. I am your trusted guide through the AWS Madness. If you want to learn more about me, you can start here.

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